Cagli is a small town at the foothills of the Marche Apennines. It was a Roman town and for this a bridge on the consular via Flaminia intact after two thousand years and other Roman finds can be admired. But Cagli was rebuilt in the XIII century, so that medieval, Renaissance, baroque art and architecture examples coexist making the historic centre of the town a real treasure. Cagli is the cradle of an area in the North of Le Marche still untouched, not commercially exploited with historic villages offering themselves to visitors in all their genuinity, including Urbino, the Frasassi caves, the Natural park of the Gola del Furlo, Acqualagna, Gubbio (Umbria). Information is provided for visiting the area, cycling on roads free from car traffic, itineraries for hicking in the nature or trying the genuine food and wine specialties from Le Marche. In the closest Acqualagna and Pergola, in October and November, take place the famous truffle fairs, very indicated occasion to visit Le Marche and sample the typical products.
Distances. Urbino 35 km; Gubbio 25 km; Acqualagna 9 km; Frasassi caves 40 km; Rimini airport 90 km; Ancona airport 90 km.

Cycling fans and tourists come from all over the world to try the famous routes of Monte Petrano, Monte Catria, Monte Nerone.  Recommended for hicking are the itineraries of the Natural park of the Gola del Furlo