Proud and rich in historic charm rises to 301 m Ortezzano above sea level. The small but lively town has about 810 inhabitants, and their origin can be traced back to the time of the Piceno. The emblem of the region (three hydrangeas on three hills) testifies to what you see: Ortezzano is the flower of the Val d'Aso valley.
Ortezzano covers an area of 699 hectares, of which only 52 hectares are cultivated. The people live on agriculture and the processing and marketing of their products. The fertility of the valley and the hilly terrain make it possible that in this region, particularly fruit and vegetables. Examples of the rich and famous products of family farms are the famous sausages and pork delicacies and excellent production of oil. The quality of the grapes is reflected in the quality of local wines such as Falerio and Rosso Piceno.
The monuments of Ortezzano are particularly interesting. Make the charm of the old city and the beauty of the surroundings make it a popular tourist destination. Visitors who choose to make a stop in Ortezzano are captured by the beauty of the place of the picturesque angles, telling of ancient history, and receptive to the many possibilities offered by the country. Great food, art, history, tradition, friendliness and sympathy is what you'll find in this community.