FERMO is a city built of red brick, yet solid as a rock: it is closed like an ancient battle carriage an at same time warm and inviting. As a city of culture and art Fermo proudly looks back upon a 3000-year history. Built close to the Girfalco hills and dominated by its beautiful Gothic cathedral, it seems to enjoy showing over and over again the many different aspects of beauty found here: from Piazza del Popolo dating back to the 15. century with its covered arcade of San Rocco and Palazzo dei Priori, seat of the important collection of paintings "Civico", its narrow streets winding up the hillside, to the small piazzas popping up around any of the corners.

There are also beautiful small walled gardens with geraniums and green bushels of capers, and majestic churches like San Francesco or Sant’Agostino, which is connected to the Oratorium Santa Monica, where you will find exquisite frescoes from the 4. century.

It is generally true that the beauty of a place beautifies the soul of its inhabitants also: no exception is taken by the people of Fermo with their almost unequalled sense of warm hospitality. 

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