Ripatransone should be worth a careful visit and not just a passing glance. Situated high on a hill, it seems undefeatable. It was the first seat of a free religious community in 1205 which brought it historic significance.

The view from Ripatransone extends all the way to Mount Conero and the Gargano range.

The center of town is built in brick. On Piazza XX Settembre you may admire the Palazzo Podestá in roman-gothic style (1304) and its open arcade, the town hall and the Archaeological Museum with pieces from the Bronce Era and from Picenic times.

The recently reconstructed Teatro Luigi Mercanti is a fascinating structure with its richly painted loges, rows of seats in deep blue and the artful frescoes on the ceiling.

And if you wish to check on your weight or body mass, you may try to squeeze through the narrowest pathway of all Italy, measuring no more thatn 43cm in breadth, situated between "Via Tarusi"and "Via Fedeli"...

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