Montalto delle Marche

Montalto Marche is situated in the heart of the province of Ascoli Piceno, halfway between the Sibillan Mountains and the Adriatic coast. The town has 2,422 inhabitants which live in an area covering 11 square kilometers. Montalto Marche lies at 513m above sea level. The area has a special beauty: high mountains and rough ridges, soft hills and villages with city flair, the ocean to the East with coastal villages on the blue horizon. Art and nature are meeting here, creatin ga perfect symbiosis.

It is a region rich in history, popes and saints were born here, such as Pope Sixtus V (1520-1590), a son of Montalto. Sixtus was the pope who revolutionized the civic system of Rome, he had the Lateran Palaces built, the Vatican Library and many other monuments.

The Piceno region is rich in art treasures, unequalled elsewhere. Centuries of peace and productivity permitted the collection of art objects of unique beauty: religious artifacts, altars, statues, and medaillons - all exhibeted today in the regions's many museums. 

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