Cupra Marittima

Cupra Marittima is a small beach resort on the Adriatic coast. Thanks to its generous vegetation - palm trees, pines, and oleander - it casts a relaxed magic on its visitors. The 2km of Cupra's sandy beaches are rarely filled. Lovers of camping find the larger camp sites to the North of town, between Cupra and Pedaso. The town of Cupra has its roots in ancient times and underwent an important development during the Picenan culture. Many gravesites have been found in the surroundings which date back to the 12th century before Christ. These graves contained carriages, weapons, jewelry, and vases. The area around Cupra flourished in Roman times when the inhabitants followed Etruscan-Sabinian cults. In these days a tempel was built in honour of the godess Cupra, whioch led to the development of the town of Cupra Marittima. You will find Cupra mentioned in old texts of great historians such as Strabone, Pomponio Mela, Plinius (Naturalis Historia). Antique Cupra must have been quite large-scale as the remains of the Emperors Temple let surmise. Special sites of interest are the ruins of the old castle of S. Andrea (13th century) and the Collegiate Church where you will find a triptyche of V. Crivelli. Also intersting: the Archeological Museum of the town and the Museo di Malacologia, the biggest museum of shells in the world. Every year in August the traditional festival "Sagra delle Vongole" takes place, when the fishermen prepare delicious spaghetti with vongole shell sauce. 

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