Ascoli Piceno

The province of Ascoli Piceno is an Italian province of the Marche region. To the east lies the Adriatic Sea and to the south are the Abruzzo and Lazio. It has more than 210,000 inhabitants in 33 municipalities covering an area of ​​2088 km² and has a rich history.

A visit to the capital of the province, also known as Ascoli Piceno, is worth a visit in this beautiful spot. The town is surrounded by three mighty mountains and is located about 30 kilometers inland from the Adriatic coast at an altitude of 153 meters. Begin your exploration of Ascoli Piceno in Piazza del Populo (= People's Square), the main paved square. The Piazza del Populo is lined on the one hand by the beautiful Palazzo del Populo, from the 13th century and on the other by the gothic hall church of San Francesco. Just next to the church of San Francesco, discover the cultivated market hall "Loggia dei Mercanti" and take advantage of the opportunity to buy Italian specialties at the weekly market. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the well-known Art Nouveau coffeehouse "Caffè Meletti" and admire the remains of Roman walls in the toilets of the coffee under the washbasins.

The natural area is characterized by the mountain range of the Apennines and extends to the extensive sandy beaches of the Adriatic coast. Orchards and colorful fields set colorful accents in the mountainous part of the province.

Anyone interested in culture is in the right place in Ascoli Piceno. The city with its millennial history impresses with its architectural diversity. Medieval streets, aristocratic palaces and an exquisite cultural program await the traveler. Even sports tourists can cope. Trekking fans embark on the quiet mountains of the Sibillini mountains and discover untouched nature. The mountainous foothills of the Apennines are also the ideal terrain for ambitious mountain bikers.

An almost tropical vegetation determines the coastal zone around the seaside resorts of San Benedetto del Tronto and Cupra Marittima, ideal for water sports enthusiasts and sun worshipers.

The region has a lot to offer vacationers. It is a piece of undiscovered & authentic Italy! Sea, vineyards, rolling hills and charming villages, which thrive over the beautiful landscape and the deep blue Adriatic Sea. Delicious restaurants, inland with typical, hearty dishes and on the Adriatic with wonderful fish dishes.

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